Chamomilla vulgaris: A Free Course

Some parents and babies seem to cope very well with the whole teething business but for some of us, teething babies are a form of torture with loss of sleep, endless bouts of tears and frustration (I’m talking about the parents here, too!) and an utter feeling of despair that nothing could possibly help baby or you with the endless suffering and pain.

Teething babies can often be a parent’s first experience with homeopathy. Chamomilla is one of those 'magical' homeopathic remedies for some babies. Find out what Chamomilla is all about in this free course.


Arnica, Bellis perennis, Chamomilla, Dandelion (Taraxacum), Echinacea If the Daisy family were WWF wrestlers, they would be the ‘Crushers’! Each of the family members can have feelings or sensations of being injured, hurt or insulted, shocked, burned or scalded.

Some family members have a fear of being touched or hurt and you know what they do then? They pretend they are tough and strong, protecting the weak ones. And just like those professionals wrestlers they have feelings of being punched or crushed.

That’s why you can think of the Daisy Family, sweet, pretty, sunny-faced daisies as…THE CRUSHERS! Watch out! They might look sweet on the outside but they can take a lot of pain and hurt!

Chamomilla vulgaris, herbally and homeopathically...more than a teething remedy! Where Arnica is about muscles, Eupatorium about bones, Bellis about deep tissue, Chamomilla is the 'ugly behavior' sibling!

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